Tummy Tips

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tummy Tips

Tummy Tip #1

Eat a Handful of Almonds Per Day

Don't let the labels scare you. Yes, almonds are high in fat but
it's monounsaturated fat - the same type found in olive oil, which
has been known to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Almonds are also high in protein and your stomach loves this. So
don't forget to eat a small handful of them every morning. Not
only do they help fill you up, but they're also delicious!

Need a snack to hold you over before a meal? Eat about 15 almonds
and drink a glass of water. You'll be amazed at how it can cure

Tummy Tip #2
Every Breath You Take...

Breathing properly is important when you exercise because it helps
train your abs. For example, when you're performing your crunches,
you should always exhale when you crunch up and inhale as you lower
your back to the floor.

Tummy Tip #3

Office Chair Leg Lifts

Here's an effective lower stomach exercise you can do right at your

Sit upright with your back flat against the back of your chair.
Place your hands on the desk in front of you or on the seat of the
chair by your legs.

Slowly lift your knees up toward your chest and hold for 5 seconds.
Then slowly lower them back down, resting your feet on the floor.

Breath out when you lift your legs up and inhale when you lower
them to the floor. You should feel your lower ab muscles working
as you perform these exercises.

Tummy Tip #4

Poor Posture

Bad posture can cause your stomach to protrude even
more...especially your lower tummy. One way to help firm/train
your abs (in addition to exercise, of course) is to always sit up
straight with your shoulders back. You'll be amazed at the
difference this will make over time!

Tummy Tip #5

Are You Bloated?

Many people that complain of flabby stomachs are often suffering from the bloating effect in addition to the belly fat. The following things can cause bloating:

1) Chewing Gum (swallowed air)
2) Carbonated Beverages
3) Sugar-Free Candy (Your body cannot break down sugar substitutes and it causes gas)
4) Excess Fruit
5) Excess Fiber (Introduce fiber to your diet slowly so your body can adjust)
6) Salt/Sodium
7) Dairy Products

Cutting down on the above may help with flattening your stomach - especially if you consume large amounts of these culprits.

Tummy Tip #6

Tummy-Friendly Foods

I receive a lot of emails from people asking about what kinds of
foods are good to eat when you're trying to flatten your stomach.
Below you'll find foods that are good for you and will make your
stomach and abs happy (when consumed in moderation, of course).

Almonds and Cashews
Apples (Fruits are good but they are also high in natural sugar -
moderation is key)
Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries
Brown Rice
Egg whites (Make a sandwich with whole wheat bread for breakfast)
Hot Air Popcorn (lightly salted)
Oatmeal (add raisins and honey for sweetening)
Olive Oil (Great for lowering cholesterol!)
Peanut Butter (lots of protein)
Pumpkin Seeds
Salsa (It's the tortilla chips that get you in trouble ;)
Teas (Green tea helps boost your metabolism)
Tomatoes (people underestimate how good these are for you)
Turkey and other lean meats
Veggie Burgers
Water (keeps things moving and prevents bloating)
Whole grain cereals
Whole wheat breads and pastas

Just remember...consume everything in moderation and treat yourself
once and a while!

Tummy Tip #7
The Goodness of Green Tea

Green tea has so many benefits. Not only does it help dissolve
stomach fat and boost your metabolism, but it contains antioxidants
that promote good health for the long term. Have you had your cup

Tip: Add a couple of drops of lemon juice and honey to enhance the
flavor. Enjoy!

Tummy Tip #8
Do You Have Lower Tummy Problems?

If you find that your biggest problem is your lower stomach area,
double straight-legged stretches are one of the best exercises you
can do. Keep in mind, they won't be effective if you don't work on
lowering your fat and calorie intake.

Tummy Tip #9

Sit-ups Work Your Hip Flexors - Not Your Abdominals!

The hip flexors are the muscles in your upper leg and along your
spine that raise your thighs. So, when you are doing sit-ups, your
hip flexors are doing much of the work instead of your abdominals.

To eliminate this problem, perform crunches with your arms folded
in front you while only raising your shoulders about 6-8 inches off
the floor when you crunch up. This position causes your hip flexors
to relax, thereby placing more emphasis on your abdominal muscles.

See the page below for pictures...

Tummy Tip #10

Effective Stomach Strengthening Techniques

If you want to effectively firm your stomach and ab muscles, you
need to perform the following types of exercises:

- Forward flexion exercises (ab crunches)
- Side flexion exercises (side bends, side crunches, etc.)
- Rotational exercises (standing trunk twists)

You must perform ALL THREE types of exercises regularly (3 times
per week).

Wishing You Great Health,


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